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Can't write log for restricted user


Author mordraug
Full name Vicente Herrera
Date 2009-08-25 00:39:56 PDT
Message When using SVN Notifier 1.8.2 in a computer that belongs to an Active
Directory domain, and an user that is not Administrator, sometimes we
get the exception in the image:

In short, and translated to english:
"System.Unauthorized​AccessException: Denied access to path: 'C:\Program
files\SVN Notifier\SVN_Notifier.log'"

Following the exception, it closes itself.

This didn't happened with previous version.

I beleive that Notifier should not write to its program directory, but
to some user profile directory, as it sure does for configuration file.

The only files in program directory are:

This problem can be bypassed granting write permissions to that
directory to the current user, or to all user to simplify, but is not
the best solution.

If I have time, I'll investigate further.

-Vicente Herrera

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Can't write log for restricted user mordraug Vicente Herrera 2009-08-25 00:39:56 PDT
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